Price List Little Beans Playhouse LLC

Full Time - Regular business hours (6:00am-7:30pm) Full time= 25-45 hours

Please call for prices

Part time - 25 or less hours per week 

Please call for prices


Drop in care - no guaranteed availability ~please call and check in with us for a spot~

$10 per hour

$35 half day (less than 6 hours) 

$50 full day (6-12 hours) 


Place holder fee- $50 per child due annually 

Deposit- 2 weeks tuition to be paid up front before your child begins care with us. This can be applied towards your last two weeks of care if your account is up to date upon withdrawal of your child care. Refund will not be issued without 2 weeks notice of termination of care with us.


Monday        6:00am-7:30pm

Tuesday       6:00am-7:30pm

Wednesday  6:00am-7:30pm

Thursday     6:00am-7:30pm

Friday          6:00am-7:30pm