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Our Team

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Jen Parker
My name is Jen, and I am the Owner & the Director of Little Beans Playhouse. After growing up in Germany and moving a few times with the Air Force, I am absolutely thrilled to call Cheyenne, WY my forever home. I love the outdoors and enjoy long walks, hiking and camping with my wonderful children & dogs. Working in the field of Education has always been my dream, and I've been at Little Beans Playhouse since Day 1. I graduated from LCCC in May 2020 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I enjoy reading with the Little Ones, as well as playing board games, singing, pretend play and any outdoor activities. Getting our students ready for Kindergarten and creating a happy, nurturing learning environment for them is very important to me. I couldn’t be more excited to work with your child at Little Beans Playhouse and can’t wait to get to know you & your children and to discover the world with them!
Hi! My name is Sarah. I'm one of the Infant Teachers and the Assistant Director and have been at Little Beans for nearly 4 years. I have four spunky, wonderful little boys. I absolutely love working with the babies, watching them grow and learn. I treat each and everyone as if they were my own! I am a prior Air Force medic with over 7 years experience in the medical field to include ER and pediatric ICU. I believe babies need lots of love and nurturing so they have the confidence to explore and learn at their own pace. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help your kids grow into the amazing kids I know they'll be.
My name is Jessica, I'm one of the Daycare Supervisors and I teach the pre-k class at Little Beans. I have been at this center for over 3 years and truly enjoy life here in Cheyenne with my husband and our two children. I love doing sensory activities with my class - Water-Wednesdays, playdough activities and playtime with sand, oats and rice are some of my scheduled staples. I also enjoy circle time and helping the kids with gentle transitions throughout the day. I love preparing the pre-k lessons and getting the kids ready for Kindergarten. My favorite part are the arts & crafts projects.
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Hello, my name is Jae Swain and I'm one of the pre-k teachers. I'm originally from Colorado where I worked at a Child Development Center with 3-5 year olds and recently moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming with my loving husband and our 3 beautiful children. I love being around kids and helping them to develop their knowledge of letters, numbers and their social skills. Singing, dancing silly, coloring and puzzles are just a few of my favorite things to do with the kids. I love being part of the Little Beans family and can't wait to help your children grow.
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Hello, my name is Rachel Cunningham and I am one of the Two Year Old Teachers & Supervisors at Little Beans Playhouse and I've been loving working with kids and watching them grow. I am working on my degree in Early Childhood Education and hope to use more of my skills that I am learning to teach your child as well. I've been working with the 2 year olds at Little Beans for almost two years; I help them with potty training, guide them through meal times and truly enjoy circle time with them. I love taking the kids outside to the playground and on walks. 
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Bueno! My name is Rosalinda but you'll mostly know me as Miss Rosa. I'm 21 years old and I'm a 1 year old teacher! I know Spanish and if you have a child who only speaks Spanish don't worry I can help translate for them! I don't have kids of my own but I've been watching kids since I was 12 years old and treat every kid as if they were mine! I love working with the Ones! I get to see them still learning how to walk and by the time they turn 2 I see them developing their speech and starting to talk which I love! In our classroom we have a structured schedule and we love to do activities for every Holiday! During our circle time activities I make sure to support speech development as well as the development of the children's gross & fine motor skills. 
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