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Our Team

Jen Parker
My name is Jen, and I am the Owner & Director of Little Beans Playhouse. After growing up in Germany and moving a few times with the Air Force, I am absolutely thrilled to call Cheyenne, WY my forever home. I love the outdoors and enjoy long walks, hiking and camping with my wonderful children & dogs. Working in the field of Education has always been my dream, and I've been at Little Beans Playhouse since Day 1. I graduated from LCCC in May 2020 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I enjoy reading with the Little Ones, as well as playing board games, singing, pretend play and any outdoor activities. Getting our students ready for Kindergarten and creating a happy, nurturing learning environment for them is very important to me. I couldn’t be more excited to work with your child at Little Beans Playhouse and can’t wait to get to know you & your children and to discover the world with them!
Hi! My name is Sarah. I've been at Little Beans for 5 years now. During my time here I have worked in the Infant Room, been the Assistant Director and I am currently providing transportation for our school agers and helping out being a substitute teacher while I am focusing on another career field. I have four spunky, wonderful little boys. I absolutely love working with the babies, watching them grow and learn. I treat each and everyone as if they were my own! I am a prior Air Force medic with over 7 years experience in the medical field to include ER and pediatric ICU. I believe babies need lots of love and nurturing so they have the confidence to explore and learn at their own pace. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help your kids grow into the amazing kids I know they'll be.
My name is Jessica, I'm the Assistant Director here at Little Beans and I teach the pre-k class. I have been at this center for 5 years and truly enjoy life here in Cheyenne with my husband and our two children. I love doing sensory activities with my class - Water-Wednesdays, playdough activities and playtime with sand, oats and rice are some of my scheduled staples. I also enjoy circle time and helping the kids with gentle transitions throughout the day. I love preparing the pre-k lessons and getting the kids ready for Kindergarten. My favorite part are the arts & crafts projects.
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Hello, my name is Jae Swain and I'm one of the pre-k teachers. I'm originally from Colorado where I worked at a Child Development Center with 3-5 year olds and recently moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming with my loving husband and our 3 beautiful children. I love being around kids and helping them to develop their knowledge of letters, numbers and their social skills. Singing, dancing silly, coloring and puzzles are just a few of my favorite things to do with the kids. I love being part of the Little Beans family and can't wait to help your children grow.
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Hello, my name is Rachel Cunningham and I am one of the Two Year Old Teachers & Supervisors at Little Beans Playhouse and I've been loving working with kids and watching them grow. I am working on my degree in Early Childhood Education and hope to use more of my skills that I am learning to teach your child as well. I've been working with the 2 year olds at Little Beans for almost two years; I help them with potty training, guide them through meal times and truly enjoy circle time with them. I love taking the kids outside to the playground and on walks. 
Bueno! My name is Rosalinda but you'll mostly know me as Miss Rosa. I'm 21 years old and I'm a 1 year old teacher! I know Spanish and if you have a child who only speaks Spanish don't worry I can help translate for them! I don't have kids of my own but I've been watching kids since I was 12 years old and treat every kid as if they were mine! I love working with the Ones! I get to see them still learning how to walk and by the time they turn 2 I see them developing their speech and starting to talk which I love! In our classroom we have a structured schedule and we love to do activities for every Holiday! During our circle time activities I make sure to support speech development as well as the development of the children's gross & fine motor skills. 
Kids in Preschool
Image by Artem Kniaz
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